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Support educators who serve young adolescents between the ages of 10-15 years of age.


Fall 2015-2016 | Vol. 40 No. 1

In the Middle is the official newsletter of the Ohio Middle Level Association and is published three times per year.

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"I know a lot of teachers, and I know that a lot of their energy goes into things like setting up classrooms, finding new materials and activities, learning new technology, and downloading beautifully designed templates and worksheets. All of that is good and important: The more efficiently your class is run, the more hands-on your activities are, the more welcoming your classroom is, the better the year will be.


But all of that pales in comparison to this one thing. The thing you could do in a bare cinderblock room with no electricity and no more technology than a stick for writing in the dirt floor. The one thing a teacher can do that makes a bigger difference than all those other things combined."



President's Message

Lorrie Kubaszewski

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