Support educators who serve young adolescents between the ages of 10-15 years of age.


Winter 2017-2018 | Vol. 42 No. 2

In the Middle is the official newsletter of the Ohio Middle Level Association and is published three times per year.

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Were you fortunate enough to attend #OMLA2017? After a break-out session, did you run to find a private nook to start reworking lesson plans for the following week? Did you experience a rollercoaster of emotions as Manny Scott shared his story? Did you exchange contact information with another conference attendee after determining that she has a wealth of experience with an instructional strategy you've wanted to try? Did Eric Sheninger convince you to try a new initiative to increase your students' engagement? I sincerely hope that you share all of that and more with your colleagues. As a principal, I would absolutely be thrilled to approve my entire staff to attend an OMLA state conference, however that's just not feasible with limited guest teachers and even more limited funds. Having dedicated time during a staff meeting to share what we've learned at workshops or conferences is the best way to realize the investment of conference costs. Even more effective are the small group and individual discussions after-school or during collaboration time.



President's Message

Jay Clark

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